Anna de Manincor

Stop Kidding
2002, Video, 5 min

Anna de Manincor stages performative interventions in the public space, making a film of these sceneries and edititing and manipulating these images by experimenting with film speed. She works with film-immanent and film-historical references, e.g. mounting found footage sound material with own images.

In a kind of casting situation, forty people repeat the same sentence: “Io non farò figli per questo paese” [I will not make children for this country]. This is a promise, a threat or a statement on the political and social situation in Italy, which causes young people who feel robbed of their future to protest. This is a staged rejection reflecting political and social awareness of life, which can be seen as a concrete reaction to the Berlusconi government. Berlusconi exemplarly stands for an extreme neoliberal, capitalist policy, that prefers suppressing social distribution systems completely to concentrate and increase capital and power exlusively within the operating range of the rich. Tax evasion and corruption are exemplified through Berlusconi himself and propagated as justified methods. Laws are installed and changed in favour of the rich, totally undermining systems of destribution beyond capitalistic conceptions.

Anna de Manincor stages a statement of rejection indicating social inequality and problems of distribution which render it impossible for the poorer classes to offer their children a secure social environment.