Barbara Musil

Market Sentiments
2007, Video, 4 min

Barbara Musil orientates herself on the public space and works with context related interventions, initiating communicative levels. She reacts to different phenomena of every day life as well as to social-political questions, transforming them into poetic statements of participatorical practice.

Barbara Musil shows in her film “Market Sentiments? satellite images of landscapes. The photos of the land areas and of the geografical structures are generating abstract patterns, which are staged through the rhythm of the melancholic orchestra music of Arvo Pärt.

“Market Sentiments?, a notation that comes from the economy, means a certain prevailing mood, which provoke or prevent investors to put money in a certain area. Nearly in all western countries the market sentiments have apparently culminated in 2007/2008 due to the deregulated markets. Barbara Musil has observed market sentiments in Estonia, that has also banked on the deregulation-systems of the markets. The lines base on actual cadastre plans showing plots of land that is already sold or put up for sale.

Barbara Musil's four minute animation “Market Sentiments? makes abstract movement flows of appropriation and disposal visible, referring to speculative practices of the market and to its bombastic structures. She visualizes cartoraphically appropriation strategies that serve a short-run appreciation value at the capital market and explains capital market based appropriation of the world.